Day 4 & 5

Pear Charlotte

Pear Charlotte

Thursday and Friday – and now we’re into the complex stuff.

My “action oriented” impatience is starting to wear on my co-students. When chef says “make your pastry cream,” I’m not waiting around for someone else to lead the charge – or crack an egg. Let’s get the ingredients, get the utensils, and make this bad boy! Now that I’m gone, my fellow students can leisurely go about their baking.

Strawberry Cake

Fraisier – Strawberry Cake


Pâte à choux – Day 3

Cream Puff

Cream puff filled with vanilla pastry cream

Hump day and pâte à choux. My camera lens must have been smeared with pastry cream – hence a dozen blurry and unusable photos. This one was the best I could muster. Until now, I’ve been rather covert about the school’s location, but I’m confident the chocolate decoration has given me away: My favorite pastry-o-the-day was the coffee éclair. They’re sure to make a reappearance for some well-deserving recipients.

Day 2 – Meringue

Swiss MeringueDay 2 and it’s all about meringue – Swiss, Italian and two kinds of French. Such girly confections – pale pink dollops just hinting of raspberry. I feel a bit more lady-like just admiring them. Time flies in class – is it really 2 p.m. already? A co-worker noticed there’s a bounce in my step when I arrive at work in the afternoon. My life belongs in some version of this.

I never read the The Secret or The Law of Attraction, but isn’t their motto something like, “Ask and it is given?” So, here I go (again):

Dear Ms. or Mr. Universe,

In case you hadn’t realized, I’m enamored with all things culinary – particularly of the baked kind. I would be overjoyed if you could help me employ my existing skills to secure a new, rewarding, blissful career in the industry.

p.s. And I need to make a lot of money doing it. Dough for dough, in other words.

meringue rochers

The manly version – meringue rochers

Marzipan Roses

Marzipan RosesI’m reminded of that saying, “those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.” What does that say about me, the perpetual student? Those who are too gutless to do either learn? I’ve done it again – enrolled in yet another culinary class; this time it’s a week-long “Introduction to Pastry and Baking Science” course. It’s really the first week of a 12-week professional program, but regrettably my work schedule allows a week respite, not three months.

Today, we practiced marzipan roses and royal icing writing. I aced the roses, not the writing – my south-paw impairment rears its head once again. I’m reminded of my kindergarten report card with three simple words: Needs Help Cutting.