Walnut Orange Shortbread Cookies


Version 3 – too much flour

Isn’t the third time allegedly the charm?  Not with these damn cookies. I’ve been struggling to develop a recipe – walnut orange shortbread cookies with sea salt – and failing.  The initial lackluster version didn’t impress, but I sensed potential.


Version 1 – cookies with potential

As flavorless as the communion host, these bland disks needed more butter, more sugar, more flavor.  For the second attempt, I augmented the butter and sugar and added orange flower water, an often-used secret ingredient of mine.  Oops – buttery, but clearly too much of a good thing.


Version 2 – Too much butter, baby!

Today was attempt number three – the one that’s rumored to be “the charm”.  No such luck – too much flour.  I should return to the kitchen to try one last time, but honestly, I’ve lost interest and I’m moving on to something else.



Spiced Apple Walnut Scones

Apple Spice SconesRecipe #4 in the great scone debate, inspired by David Lebovitz’s cherry chocolate scones. My addition of chopped apple may have added unnecessary moisture to the dough, preventing crispy crusts. The scones from Baked are still on top. These aren’t recipe-posting worthy.