Move the Goddamn Horse

bad banana

This time last year, I found myself on vacation at Miraval. While the resort was a little too “L.A.” for my appreciation (entitlement of some infringing on the relaxation of others), I did enjoy a hot and dusty afternoon spent with cowboy-therapist, Wyatt Webb, in a program called “It’s Not about the Horse.” While too lengthy and complicated to describe in detail here, the point of the exercise was to leave personal baggage in the horse ring and take away an “Aha” moment through (what appeared to be) a simple exercise with a horse.

My particular moment sums up as, “Sometimes you’ve just gotta move the goddamn horse.” In other words: No matter how much drive, desire, or determination you have, if you do what’s already been done, don’t be surprised when you get the same results.

I watched a dozen people try to lift the same leg on the same horse in the same manner again and again and again – all without much success. When it was my turn, I realized I had to work with the same horse, but I could switch legs. So, I moved the horse, grabbed a different leg and, voila, mission accomplished.

If you are not getting anywhere, sometimes the best action to take is to step away and approach from a different angle (moving the horse). Is this damn crust the horse this week? Do I need to scrap it and start fresh?

Today, I make banana bread and leave the tart crust for tomorrow.



I’ve been derailed– on many levels.  I’ve turned all my focus on work and, even when it comes to work, I haven’t had any drive lately – just going through the motions.  My gelato project has been tucked away behind closed desk doors in my home office.  I haven’t worked on it in months. I’ve gained weight – a lot of weight – eleven pounds since May.

I’m finishing up my last work project for the year this week.  After that, I have four days of rest and relaxation (and six spa appointments) at Miraval to rejuvenate myself and get back into my groove.  Get on track, girl!  The next two months are light with work so I’m recommitting myself to the “Life” part of the proverbial work/life balance.

Goals for the next two months:

  1. Get in shape/Lose eight pounds
  2. Start (and finish) main bathroom remodel
  3. Re-energize gelato dreams/business plan
  4. Upgrade my surrounding (replace outdated 1980’s chair and buy flat screen TV, paint)
  5. Research options for adding A/C to the house (not another sweltering summer)
  6. Replace tree that died in backyard & clean up front yard
  7. Blog regularly again!

I’m worried that I’m biting off more than I can chew – especially trying to do this over the holidays, but, if I wait until the new year, I have a string of projects that will carry me away until Summer.