Food Porn


I just re-read this (academic) article where top chefs, food culturists and intellectuals debate the existence of food porn – slick editorial campaign or actuality?  This entire lot needs to stop philosophizing in their noggins and feel with their loins.  It’s not a scholarly concept, it’s a lascivious one.

Food Porn:

Getting so  turned on by reading recipes or looking at food imagery that you must rush to the kitchen immediately, flip that ripe, juicy peach ass-up on the kitchen counter, blanch it, skin in, slice it, flambé it and devour it, no matter who’s watching!

Food Porn.

Slow Food


“…just remember, in Italy you have to respect the ingredients. It isn’t just a tomato; it is the culmination of a season’s worth of hard work by a farmer who lives just a few miles away, whose family has been growing tomatoes for five hundred years.”

Alexander Feldman
Chef’s page
Gastronomica, Spring 2010

I re-read this quote the other day.  It belongs, eye-level, on my kitchen backsplash.  Even though there isn’t this kind of history in the hothouse-gown pile of pinkish tomatoes in my local grocery store, how grand to treat each and every ingredient as if it has.