Day 2 – Meringue

Swiss MeringueDay 2 and it’s all about meringue – Swiss, Italian and two kinds of French. Such girly confections – pale pink dollops just hinting of raspberry. I feel a bit more lady-like just admiring them. Time flies in class – is it really 2 p.m. already? A co-worker noticed there’s a bounce in my step when I arrive at work in the afternoon. My life belongs in some version of this.

I never read the The Secret or The Law of Attraction, but isn’t their motto something like, “Ask and it is given?” So, here I go (again):

Dear Ms. or Mr. Universe,

In case you hadn’t realized, I’m enamored with all things culinary – particularly of the baked kind. I would be overjoyed if you could help me employ my existing skills to secure a new, rewarding, blissful career in the industry.

p.s. And I need to make a lot of money doing it. Dough for dough, in other words.

meringue rochers

The manly version – meringue rochers


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