Neuroses Knocking

It’s been rough going yesterday and today.  My company is changing the reporting structure of my job.  It’s not good news.  I was upset yesterday – upset to the point that I started crying at 2 a.m. and couldn’t get back to sleep until after 4:30 this morning.

I sent the guy a text as soon as I found out.  His son was graduating from High School yesterday.  I realize it was bad timing; I KNEW it was bad timing, but I needed him.  He said he couldn’t talk – said he was having drinks and dinner with the “whole” gang (which means his ex and her family too).  He said he would call me later.  He never called.

It’s noon on day two and I still haven’t heard from him.  I feel my dating neuroses kicking into high gear again.  Where’s my Xanax?  Can I go back home and crawl under the covers?  I’m sure its just my fragile state after hearing the news about my job (didn’t I promise myself I would never become attached to a job again?) – and my insecurity regarding his relationship with his ex.  I’m certain, once she realizes what she left behind, she’ll want to come back to him.  A 30-year-old line cook isn’t going to keep her interest for long.  And me?  I don’t stand a chance against her. She’s hot, funny, smart, thin, the mother of his children – and they were together for 22 years.  He just wants his life back the way it was.  She can give that to him.

It didn’t help that from 2 to 4:30 am this morning I was watching reruns of Sex in the City.  I stared at the screen, relating, as Carrie never gets what she needs from Mr. Big.  Realization crept in as I nodded quietly to her frustrations.  If I don’t look too close, our relationship is great, but once I put it under the microscope, this is what I observe:

  • We’ve been dating for over eight months and I think he’s used the term “girlfriend” to describe me three times.
  • The last time he’s told me his feelings, it was New Year’s and he said “I like you, a lot.” Nothing appears to have changed since then.
  • His daughter (his favorite kid) and father (his favorite parent) are in town for the graduation, but he hasn’t made any move to introduce me.
  • He hasn’t started divorce proceedings and hasn’t talked about doing so in months.
  • Lately, I feel more like his “buddy” than his lover.
  • He talks about his ex often – not necessarily in a fond way, but her name comes up frequently.

I’m hurting today, I need him and he’s not here.


2 thoughts on “Neuroses Knocking

  1. Wow…a lot going on with you… being a male, I hope you don’t discount a little advice. If things aren’t meant to be with this man, then they simply aren’t meant to be. You’re very attractive…you’re not going to have a hard time finding a good guy. most importantly you need to be happy instead of always worrying all of the time, wouldn’t it simply be better to live in the moments where you can really believe in the smiles? that you’re having? I know that there are times when I travel to certain places where I simply want to take a mental snapshot and catch myself in the moment of just feeling terrific….I also take careful note of who is there with me making me feel that way.

    I hate to see you’re life is in transition, however, you will be fine if you can blieve that you will endure what you must to find happiness. Nothing worthwhile will come for free, so change your motivations. Surround yourself with people who will be there for you….just think, I’m a guy who you know nothing about, yet i’m reaching out over thousands of miles and 2 oceans just to let you know your story inspired me to respond…to reach out and let you know someone has heard your words and cares about the result…. that is power…



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