Today, I’m playing hooky from work, opting instead to watch the rain through the back windows, slurping coffee from a never-ending mug, writing and reading. The back door is open – I love the smell of rain, especially after a long, dusty summer.  Perhaps, at some point, I’ll gather the impetus to get some things done, but, for right now, I’m enjoying my lazy autumn afternoon.


1 thought on “Impetus

  1. My great aunt was a window watcher … as was my Mother … as I am. I can stare out of the window for extended periods of time: I’m not sure if I like staring, outside, weather, the light, dreaming of other places, noticing small change, people walking by, being nosey, or just like to stare at glass … but am trying to fool myself with all those other reasons.; but it’s an underrated hobby.

    note: I had an Apocalypse Now (Robert Duvall) moment when you wrote “I love the smell of rain”.


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