Things I Love

Some of my favorite things, in no particular order.  Far from static, this list is ever-changing, capturing simple things that make me happy:

Crunchy gravel underfoot
European villages
Red peep-toe pumps
1940’s style
The scent of fresh rain
First kisses
Surprise packages in the mailbox
Coffee in bed (made by someone else)
Cardamom and Star Anise
Deep bathtubs with ample hot water
Crescent moons
The sound of pencil on paper
Old things
Crackling fires
B&W photos
Warm fluffy beds
Lindy hop
Freshly pedicured toes
Oak trees surrounded by dried grass
Digging in the dirt
Glasses on men
Wooden things
Red barns
Stinky cheese
Babbling creeks
Sleeping into the double-digits on weekends
Lindor milk chocolate truffles
Baby goats
Ginkgo trees in Autumn
The scent of freshly cut grass


2 thoughts on “Things I Love

  1. Wishes to steal your list *smiles* … though will have to leave the following off of mine because:

    1) I do not know how to make Dim-Sum
    2) I do not know what Adho Mukha Svanasana is. (Google time!)
    3) The Audit TT Roadster (I will replace it with my bike 🙂 )
    4) Ginko trees … I do not think I have ever seen one.

    (Note ~ As always, please feel free to delete this if you need. I know that this might be your special place to look for yourself … I just wanted to leave you a note on what I saw here.)


  2. Ha! You love 1940s style, and I love 1940s radio shows (and that era of 20th century Earth is where by pop-culture knowledge ends! )
    : )


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