Who the %?$@

Julie at the Diningroom Table

“…and then they poured it into the ocean.”

A man I once wanted to date was describing his last two afternoons spent watching Tibetan sand mandala painters. These monks painstakingly labor over their intricate sand painting for days, only to destroy their art in the end – symbolizing life’s impermanence.

“I’d be heartbroken to devote all that time creating art only to see it demolished,” I declared.

“Isn’t that what happens with your cooking?” he wryly replied.

We never did go on a date. I can’t even recall his name. Our exchange, however, has remained with me. Food IS my art and it took a nameless man to show me that. My kitchen is my studio where I practice and play. At its denouement, my art is devoured, demolished, without regret. My passion lies in the crafting, my delight in the sharing, others’ appreciation in its consumption.

My kitchen is bomb shelter and Band-Aid, my respite when I’m overwhelmed and my surefire reason for procrastination. It’s my voice, my meditation, my recreation and occasionally my vexation.  Two-Bit Tart chronicles what’s in my head and on my stove on any given day.  It’s a candid account of my attempts to decipher life through my love of food; a window into an imperfect woman and chef chronicling her culinary vices.


13 thoughts on “Who the %?$@

  1. “cyber dumbbells for the ego” – Well said! My phrase is ‘self-medicating in the ether’… but it’s a hoot! Looking forward to reading your psyche-exercise log!


  2. Ego? What? I write endlessly about me and you say I’m exercising my ego?


    I really like your site, your writing, etc. And you mentioned the magic word in your influences: Cheese.

    I added you to my blogroll.


  3. You can never have too much red wine, Kurt Vonnegut or Earl Gray Tea. (I draw the line at two cats, however.)

    Had to do a double-take on seeing the title of your blog.

    I think I like it.

    I think I will mull it over.
    Let it perculate, Incubate. Stimulate.


  4. Cyber dumbbells …. *likes that phrase*. For me, the blogs are an extension of my hand written journals. My thoughts (no matter how inane) … and often a source of catharsis.

    By the way, what kind of dancing?


  5. *wonders why I have not hit the “Like” button on this page before*

    And … is that a new photo? I love the hibiscus print *smiles* …and omg your aline bob and straight bangs look soooo stylish. You pull that off wonderfully!


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