Feline Feedings

The Patient

Kitty received an unforeseen (for him) vet visit yesterday which culminated in a urine sample, shot in the leg, two teeth extractions, sedation – and a $728 vet bill.

Today, he is lethargic and sore. He doesn’t want to eat and, since he is already only a gaunt 7.5 lbs., I’m attempting all sorts of enticements to persuade him to unlock his maw. His repast so far:

    • Fancy Feast (his favorite) mixed with a dose of the nutritious Wellness Core
    • Sardines in water
    • Baby food (both chicken & broth and chicken & gravy)
    • Something called “Kitten Glop” which is a mixture of goat’s milk, mayo, yogurt and a few other ingredients.

So far, no luck. He just looks at me like I’m the world’s worst mother for making him visit the doctor, not touching a morsel.



I’m lunching al fresco and a fat sparrow waits patiently on the planter beside me, hoping for a morsel. What is it about these unremarkable little birds that warms my heart.  I wonder if my kitty would allow a cage-full of little sparrows or finches twittering away in my house – or, would it drive him to madness, warbling and staring at the feathered snacks just out of his grasp.


First kisses
Perfectly cooked crispy bacon
Being brought coffee in bed
My kitty, purring
The scent of freshly cut grass without the noise of the mower/blower
Twittering finches
Babbling brooks
The warmth of the sun on my back
The air when I drive by the cookie factory
Fresh rain on dusty blacktop
Crescent moons on clear, chilly nights
Spooning in the dawn hours
The sound of my pencil on paper
Nutella, spooned straight from the jar
Crackling fires in Autumn
Being loved – despite all my faults
7 am Saturday morning – when I realize I have hours more to sleep
A new haircut
Holding hands
Spaetzle, fried crisp in butter
Nonsensical conversations in bed
Lindor Milk Chocolate Truffles
Napping to the sound of the washing machine
The very last center bite of buttery cinnamon sugar toast
Watering the backyard, barefoot, on a warm summer evening
Wind chimes in a gentle breeze
Sun-warmed tomatoes, straight from the vine