Feline Feedings

The Patient

Kitty received an unforeseen (for him) vet visit yesterday which culminated in a urine sample, shot in the leg, two teeth extractions, sedation – and a $728 vet bill.

Today, he is lethargic and sore. He doesn’t want to eat and, since he is already only a gaunt 7.5 lbs., I’m attempting all sorts of enticements to persuade him to unlock his maw. His repast so far:

    • Fancy Feast (his favorite) mixed with a dose of the nutritious Wellness Core
    • Sardines in water
    • Baby food (both chicken & broth and chicken & gravy)
    • Something called “Kitten Glop” which is a mixture of goat’s milk, mayo, yogurt and a few other ingredients.

So far, no luck. He just looks at me like I’m the world’s worst mother for making him visit the doctor, not touching a morsel.


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