5-minute chocolate mug cake

Chocolate Mug Cake

I’ve read that the average American makes about 200 food choices each day – that computes to facing a food choice every 7.2 minutes in 24 hours.  I’ve been limiting my flour and sugar intake these past few weeks without much luck after about 9 p.m.  It’s difficult enough to stay on the straight, narrow and healthy when one has to make a right food choice about every 7 minutes, but then add a ridiculously simple, single-serve, warm, moist and chocolaty cake that can be mixed and baked in less than five minutes, and any resolve melts into a puddle of cake batter.  

 5-minute Chocolate Mug Cake
No Butter, Milk or Eggs
Serves 1

1/4 c.
Flour (I used cake flour, but all-purpose works too)
1/4 c.
2 T. Cocoa (unsweetened)
¼ t. Baking soda
Pinch Salt
½ t. vinegar (white or apple cider)
¼ t. Vanilla extract
2 t. Vegetable oil
4 ½ T. Water

Grease the inside of a large, microwave safe mug.  Mix the dry ingredients together in a small bowl (you can mix this cake inside the mug, but it’s too messy for me).  Make 1 small and 1 large depression in the dry ingredients.  Pour vinegar in the small depression and vanilla and oil in the large depression.  Pour water over the top and mix until fully combined.  Pour batter in mug and microwave on high for 90 seconds.  Check doneness with a toothpick. Curl up on the couch and indulge!


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