Sweety Pie

Everyone LOVED Phoren’s Apple Pie Gelato!!!! – Chef John, ICI

That was a message I received the other day from Italy.  It seems the next class sampled our creations – and I should be delighted with the response.  Everyone loved my flavor…except me.  Yes, I’m too hard on myself (it’s a familial trait), but there wasn’t enough apple flavor and I didn’t like the texture (I kept some of the apple pieces chunky, like applesauce, in the final product). During this class, I’ve realized that I like the smooth texture of gelato – or definable bits surrounded by smooth (nut or chocolate chunks) – and not an unrefined or lumpy consistency. I’m pleased with my concept (who doesn’t like apple pie a la mode?) but not the final execution.

Ideally, I would like to try again – concentrating the flavor more and blending the hell out of the base before it’s frozen.  Homework, I guess.

Apples to peel

Apples to peel

Sauteed apples

Sauteed apples

Lumpy base

Lumpy base

In it goes...

In it goes…


3 thoughts on “Sweety Pie

  1. I think that is pretty cool that the following class gets to sample what you made. Was that the same when you first got there? Did you get to sample the previous class’s creation?


    • We did get to sample, but they didn’t make gelato so we were sampling other food items like cheese (yum!). The group after us wasn’t making gelato either so I think our final products became their desserts.


      • The class prior to yours made cheese?!?!?! REALLY? Or cheese dishes? In either case…SIGN ME UP!

        Actually, do you have to be a fairly good cook already?


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