Graduation Day

Blocked out

I happily survived gelato school. Calabria, Italy.


6 thoughts on “Graduation Day

  1. Yahhh!!!!! Ohh…also …. mini-list time…

    1) The view, like the one from your room, is ABSOLUTLY gorgeous!!

    2) You have the most wonderful smile

    3) Mr. Chef is kinda handsome *mini swoon*

    4) Did I mention the view?

    5) Congratulations!!!


    • You are the third person to tell me Chef is kinda cute (my sister and boss said the same thing). I didn’t even notice – I think I was so focused on the gelato my cute-dar wasn’t working. Imagine that!


      • Well if 3 of us have said it, then it MUST be true lol. But it is good were busy with the gelato…nod nods…as that is what you paid for *smiles*.

        Besides…I ain’t letting you steal my man! (hahaha…I am so kidding ….my man is Johnny Depp…hands off! *smirkles*)

        I hope your day is going well.


  2. Hi, I’d like to hear more about your experience …. And how how you decided between ICI and Caprigiani’s Gelato U? Both seem to offer a lot. I’m pretty confused. Any suggestions?



    • I’ve heard that Carpigiani focuses on their machines and their products, which includes pre-made mixes. I also heard that they will let you go to Gelato U at no or low cost if you buy a machine from them. I wanted to learn to make artisan gelato so I chose ICI. However, when I do buy my machine, I will probably go to Gelato U – I think it has more credibility with the general public and makes a good marketing story. I hope this helps!



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