Chocolate Gelato with Candied Orange

OrangeI’ve decided to try to recreate the gelato flavor I had in Bologna – Dark Chocolate with candied orange peel (Cioccolato all’Arancio sounds so much sexier).  Challenge #1:  Outside of Culinary School, my attempts at making candied citrus result in a product that is both leathery and inedible.  So, I’m trying this recipe from Clotilde at Chocolate and Zucchini – which is supposed to produce sticky, chewy half-moons of orange peel with soft and juicy pulp. As the recipe requires heating up and completely cooling down the sugar mixture 4-5 times, I’m on day two,  will most likely need one if not two more rounds of heating/cooling and an overnight drying.  I haven’t even started on the chocolate mix yet.  This better be damn good gelato.


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