What I Did Over my Summer Vacation

What have I been doing since I’ve been away?  Well, for starters, I tried my hand at canning.  My first attempt (notice I said “first”.  I have plans.) was lemon lavender marmalade made with lemons from my front garden.  I devoured a lovely lemon marmalade at Susan Feniger’s restaurant the other day – used as a bed for a top sheet of sour cream and a duvet of Ukrainian dumplings. Delightful! It had pucker-worthy tartness (too much for toast alone) and a clean brightness.

My version needs tweaking – a thinner slice on the rinds, a bit less sugar and more lavender.  I think I might try canning chutney this weekend.

Lemon Lavender Marmalade


3 thoughts on “What I Did Over my Summer Vacation

  1. Did someone mention perogies???
    mmm! Perogies with sourcream, onions, and bacon!
    mmm! … double mmm!

    I canned some of my mother’s “72 inch cucumber relish” with my sister about 6 years ago that turned out very very nice. I’ve got the recipe still, if you are interested … and like hotdogs.
    … but sadly I’ve canned any more thoughts of canning due to a lack of cans … or mason jar availability recently.

    note: nice cans! hee hee!


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