Lesson Learned

The preface to Culinary Artistry begins with the following quote from author Karen Page:

“In a childhood diary entry written when I was about eight, I confidently listed my five favorite foods on which I felt I could happily survive for the rest of my life: 1) bacon, 2) bananas, 3) chocolate, 4) peanut butter, and 5) Rice Krispies.”

She then goes on to discuss the glories of combining two or three of her favorites into synergistic combinations.  Hmmmm…if two or three combined are good, then FIVE must be better! I immediately began thinking about how I could combine all five ingredients into one glorious dessert – an homage, so to speak, to the eight year old in all of us.  I made my attempt last night.

I began with a Rice Krispie treat crust pressed into the bottom of a springform pan.  Over the crust, I smoothed a thick layer of milk-chocolate ganache.  On top of the ganache, I layered a fluffy peanut butter mousse and then topped the mousse with sliced bananas sautéed with brown sugar, a bit of orange juice, butter and flambéed them in dark rum similar to bananas foster.  I garnished the final dish with a savory/sweet peanut-bacon brittle. 

It was a valiant attempt that fell short.  The crust was a soggy, mushy mess.  I think the culprit was the ganache.  My cream to chocolate ratio was off and, my impatience winning out, I spread it over the crust before it was sufficiently cooled.  The crust absorbed the chocolate like a sponge.  My next attempted will be with ganache as thick a putty. 

A salvageable recipe?  Perhaps.  Oh well, that’s how we learn.


2 thoughts on “Lesson Learned

  1. Macaroni and tomato soup is a classic in my family: can of tomato soup with milk … and then dump in cooked elbow macaroni. Throw in chunks of cheese and big handfulls of crackers to taste … or when needed. 🙂

    It’s my ultimate comfort food/wodgefest extravaganza.


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