Culinary School – Week 11

My-oh-my, I can’t believe it’s the end of week 11!  I’m almost halfway through school already.  Yes, I do believe I will survive – a much different outlook than I had just 11 short weeks ago.  It’s been another good week – bread week. 

We had a great time menu-tasting last weekend for the mock restaurant.  I’ve come to realize what an undertaking this will be.  Six different meatball flavors, three different dips and six b’stilla recipes – and we STILL didn’t come to a conclusion.  The meatballs were best with mint, but I think I need to add egg for structure.  I decided to combine preserved lemon and a green chili in the b’stilla, but now I want to try it with duck instead of chicken.  Meatball and dip appetizer needs a flatbread as well.  I’ve proposed a second tasting for this Sunday – soups.  There aren’t many choices when it comes to Moroccan soups – it appears that lentils or chickpeas are the standard staple. Yawn!  I’m considering bringing in a bit more of the Spanish influence with a white gazpacho made with almonds.  I’ve got nine weeks to come up with the final choices.


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