Culinary School – Menu Planning

We are beginning the menu planning process for our mock restaurants. I’m basing mine on Moroccan-Spanish-Moorish fusion. I’ve named it “Zafran Tauro”. Zafran is the Arabic word for yellow and the etymological root of the word “Saffron”. Tauro is the Spanish word for Taurus, the Bull. So, the name loosely translates into Yellow (or Saffron) Bull.

I must develop sixteen dishes for our menus – four appetizers, two soups, six entrees and four desserts. I’m starting this weekend by creating two appetizers and one main dish. I’m playing with a lamb/eggplant meatball idea, a pork dumpling and various takes on b’stilla. I’ll be trying them out on some good friends.

School was good this week. I feel like I’m holding my own now.


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