Culinary Devastation

I live a lithium life – not many apex highs and rarely a plummeting low. I just groove along in the middle ground – happy and content. I haven’t wanted anything as much as this in a very long time and the disappointment has crushed me. I’m a bit astonished at my devastation. I stayed home from work yesterday and just moped on the couch, watching bad TV.

I read somewhere that a woman is allowed three days of complete wallowing after a relationship breakup. After 72 hours of mourning, she must pick herself up and move on – whether she feels like it or not. I’m using the same philosophy here because, although not a breakup, my heart is heavy. So, today’s my last day of heartache and then I’m back.

Really, all I want to do is crawl into bed with an entire bag of Pepperidge Farms Sausalito cookies, a big glass of milk, a box of tissues and the most syrupy-sweet sad romance movie I can find.


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