Part of the challenge, once you’ve left Rancho La Puerta, is “bringing the ranch home”, taking your new healthy wisdom and applying it to your everyday life.  This week, I was feeling good about my success – I was drinking more water and less coffee.  I was eating healthier – no meat and lots of healthy grains, fresh fruit and fresh vegetables.  My desserts consisted of freshly baked fruit sprinkled with the Ranch’s granola or one (only one!) of the Ranch’s infamous cookies.

Unfortunately,   I had a major relapse last night.  Perhaps fueled by the ending of the work-week or maybe just a mental collapse of willpower, last night’s dinner consisted of two (not one, but two) 14 oz. milkshakes made with whole milk and homemade leftover 4th of July nectarine ice cream followed by four thick slices of Costco salami (given to me by a saboteur on July 4th) and a snack of two slices of overly-processed cheese.  I was comatose this morning and slept until noon.

I’m trying to un-do the mess this morning.



What the hell has happened to me?  I feel like shit today.  I’ve fallen off the wagon once again – work has been crazy and I’m not taking care of myself.  As I write this,  I have a huge headache on the left side of my head,  I slept wrong last night and pulled a muscle in my shoulder,  my skin looks like crap and I’m lethargic.  It serves me right – yoga seems to have fallen off my schedule yet again, I’m working ridiculous hours and I’ve been putting the most egregious things in my mouth.  Yesterday, for example, I had a mid-morning snack of bread pudding (gifts from a vendor), a carnitas burrito lunch (love my piggy) and a few handfuls of girl scout thin mints and Hershey’s kisses – all washed down with two tall lattes.  Yuck.

I know better than this – and it pisses me off that I can’t seem to pull myself together.