Oh my! Someone has been lingering here who shouldn’t. You could say that it’s my own damn fault – I haven’t taken much effort to conceal this site. I muse in a public forum, don’t do much to screen my identity, and my inner circle knows that I have a blog. You can find me by Googling my name – I think I show up on page 3.  Although, on a side note, the most Googled word that bring readers to my site is “Brazier” with “MacDonald’s wrapper” coming in a close second. Go figure.

These past four+ years, I’ve thought of this as my “diary in the nightstand” – we know it’s there, but out of respect, we don’t go near it.  Note to self:  don’t leave a diary in the nightstand.

Welcome to my playground. Like a car crash, you just couldn’t help looking.  I’m not leaving – this is where I explore my emotions and thoughts and I’m not afraid to get dirty and ugly – and let it all hang out (or use incorrect punctuation).  You won’t make me reconsider what I post here out of self-conciousness or edit my true feelings to make them more palatable.  This is where the mask of my daily life comes off – and I can just be.  You came here on your own – it’s up to you to digest what you’ve read.