Recipe Favorites of 2018

2018 has reached its end, bestowing on me the obligatory occasion to count blessings and recall the preceding year. One of the (numerous) difficulties I grapple with as a food blogger is that once I’ve finalized a recipe and posted it, I forget about it…forever…even when its success merits remaking. So, as 2018 dwindles to its last few days, I’m looking back on the past twelve months and summoning up the best dishes from this year’s posts – the ones I ought to remember so I can make them again, soon – and often. Here are my top 5, in no particular order:

Viennese Whirls

Raspberry-Rose Viennese Whirls – As pretty as they are delicious, these delicate Raspberry-Rose Viennese Whirls are Love made edible.

a bowl of Spanish Chorizo and Kale Soup

Spanish Chorizo and Kale Soup – a winter soup with a spicy, smoky Spanish twist thanks to chorizo and smoked paprika. Loads of dark green kale pack this flavorful soup with plenty of healthy goodness.

Compost Cookies

Best Compost Cookies – All you favorite cookie flavors – plus some surprises like coffee grounds.  These were a huge hit at the office.

Moist Banana Cherry Muffins

Banana Cherry Muffins – These exceptionally moist and flavorful muffins were adapted from my favorite banana bread recipe. I’m going to whip up a batch of these this weekend!

A pink grapefruit tart with whipped cream and shaved white chocolate

Refreshing Pink Grapefruit Tart – Pink grapefruit transforms a dessert standard into a flavor combination that’s surprising, yet familiar. A press-in crust keeps the fuss-factor down.  Another big hit in the office – and with the neighbors.


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