Reviving the gelato dream – Step 1

Dear LB,

Help me make my dream a reality!  I’m humbly asking you to share your gelato knowledge with an eager student-apprentice.

I’m interested in opening a gelato cart in my town (similar to your beginnings) and would like to apprentice with a gelato master before I begin my adventure.    I’ve researched your business and product and believe your gelato philosophy is similar to my own –

 “To obsessively craft exceptional gelato, placing a quality product above bottom-line profit and always including a fun and welcoming personality in the ingredient list, assuring that a superior product and authentically warm service will result in customer loyalty and word-of-mouth marketing.”

My experience, training and education help to position me for success in the gelato business.  In 2013, I traveled to Calabria, Italy to attend a week-long artisanal gelato making course at Italian Culinary Institute (ICI), learning how to make artisanal gelato without base mixes.  Further, I earned my Professional Culinary Certificate, graduating with distinction in 2009.

Previously, I managed a coffee house for four years.  This provided valuable insight into the various aspects of running a small business, customer preferences and interactions in food service, staffing, supply ordering and various Health Department requirements. My current career utilizes my skills in management, vendor negotiations, special events, marketing and customer service.

I need your help to make my gelato dreams come true.  In exchange, you will receive a committed apprentice who will work hard assisting you in any way that I possibly can.  I have a full time career, but I would be available to work weekends and holidays as much as needed – and I can be flexible with my work schedule over the next few months, should you need it.

Attached is my resume.  I can provide references from either culinary schools or my current and previous employers.  Please let me know if you would be interested in meeting with me to discuss the apprenticeship further.  Thank you for your time – and I look forward to hearing from you!


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