In last week’s CSA basket, I received a summer squash (Costata Romanesco ) the size of a newborn baby (photo doesn’t do it justice – easily 18″, but probably closer to 24″).


Fig. 1, baby-sized squash

Being a single girl, I was at a loss to what I could possibly cook using a squash of that size for one person.  To start,  I made a soup,  similar to Greek avgolemono, but studded with the aforementioned squash, shredded and kale.

soup That used up probably less than an eighth.  The next day,  I made squash pancakes with fresh dill, using  this recipe from Epicurious (It also helped use up my bounty of CSA rainbow eggs).  Still, I hadn’t managed to put a dent in the squash. So, today,  I made a few jars of pickles reusing the pickling juice from the pickle okra I picked up at the food swap last month (I’m a pickle juice reuser).  Even after that,  I still have a nice knob of squash remaining.

fig. 3, "borrowed" pickle juice pickles

fig. 3, “borrowed” pickle juice pickles


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