Sore eyes

P1000779BFHim:       Good to see you today.  Sight for sore eyes!
Me:       🙂   I miss hanging with you.
Him:       Me too.

We don’t see each other very much and when we do, it’s strained.  We pretend like we’re friends chatting away while the noticeable undercurrent of yearning flows beneath our feet.   I don’t desire him any less, but the fog of impossibility hangs over us and our interactions.

I had a date with b-lock on Friday.  That’s not the answer, either.  I had a nice time, but no chemistry. No chemistry at all – even after a few cocktails.


1 thought on “Sore eyes

  1. Ahh Phoren … *sends you some kind thoughts*

    I know that it has been a … ‘Tri-ing’ time … and you struggle with what to do … with waiting / not waiting. I wish I had advice … but tis not mine to say I fear.

    With B-locks … perhaps just enjoying the company of a friend is to be concentrated on. Just let him know … so he does not suffer the fate of the very nice person I have come to know on her.

    Again … gentle thoughts your way … in hopes they reach you.


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