We have a new look.  I’ve lightened and brightened the site a bit, hopefully making it easier to read.  The topics remain the same – cooking and living – and not necessarily doing either one successfully.

I’ve just returned from gelato school in Italy.  I’m overwhelmed with the idea of regurgitating my experience on these pages today so, I’ll just show you a few of my favorite images from my adventure for now.

p.s. “Gelataia” is a female gelato maker, but for whatever reason, it reminds me a little too much as “genitalia”.

IMG-20130618-00268 IMG-20130616-00222 IMG-20130617-00255 IMG-20130618-00266


1 thought on “Gelataia


    And by the way, you are banned from saying you are not successful at cooking. OMG I have seen your dishes!

    And … as for saying you are not living successfully. Again. BANNED! *smiles* … I know there has been…challenges. But you are still out there and living *smiles* …. and in my eyes, that is success.

    And … (lots of ‘ands’ isn’t there?) … and … the entryways to where ever you were looks so cute! (though a slight tripping hazard lol.)


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