Romancing the Stone

“Wow, Rosetta Stone isn’t cheap,” I said in response to my friend informing me that he just bought the language series to polish up on his German.  I was thinking back to my discovery in December that learning Italian for my gelato trip would set me back no less than $300 bucks ($175 for a pirated copy on eBay).

“No, it most certainly is not,” he replied, as if to say “It’s not cheap, but it’s worth it to me.”

I had the audacity to call him out for a $300 purchase after I spent the price of a used car on a bauble for my finger.  Value is in the eye of the beholder, I guess, and my values must be f”ed up these days.  What criteria, exactly, do we use to place value things?  Why it is difficult for me to spend $300 to learn a new language and create a richer experience when, this Saturday, I unflinchingly plopped down $375 for this red-carpet ensemble that I will wear only once,  twice if I happen to get invited to a Royal polo match or Spring wedding.

Wouldn’t wearing one of my closet-weary LBDs and spending the cash on the Italian experience have served me better? Where do my priorities lie?



2 thoughts on “Romancing the Stone

  1. Oh….I looked into Rosetta Stone once…and if i am not mistaken $300 seems on the cheaper side for that? I almost recall near $500 or so. Of course I did not buy it and instead went to the bookstore and bought a language book and tried to teach myself Japanese lol.

    And … so you treat yourself to something that makes you feel nice vs something that might have an alternate use. Sometimes you buy the practical … and sometimes you buy the inner smile. And who is to say which is which.

    From the little I know of you … I think your priorities are fine 🙂


  2. You almost stole my thunder with this post’s last 2 words, but everyone’s priorities are tied differently.

    I went food shopping with a friend and he kept asking “How much was that?” every time I put something in the cart. “Probably the same as last week” was my answer.


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