What my sister got me to do today…

The email she sent me:

Perhaps you need to go completely out of your comfort zone and try something really radical. I’m a member of this women’s blog and received this email:

“Dear friend,

An award-winning TV producer has again invited our members to help it cast captivating—and love-minded—singles for a new docu-series on a major network.

If you know a 25 to 48-year old single, who is attractive and together, with or without children, and isn’t interested in going on a “reality” show, but is ready to find real love, write to xxxxx@gmail.com

You can also forward this to the special single you have in mind.”

Crazy I know, but then again, why the hell not. You can be shown to be the attractive, high-powered executive with an exciting travel life that you are, and rub a certain someone’s nose into the fact that you’re out there looking for love seriously and that you mean business. :-p

I say look into it.

The email I sent them:

Someone on a dating site recently told me, “You’re the 1%” – and I don’t disagree.  Sometimes, I wish I was one of the 99%, because it would make dating a heck of a lot easier (not that I’m better than anyone else, I’m just different).   I’m emotionally stable, quick-witted and creative.  I can hold down a job (Corporate Event Planner for 10 years) and I own my home.  I practice yoga, have a cat named Kafka, write a blog and have been known to read books on quantum physics for fun.  I attended (and graduated from) culinary school in 2009 – not as a career move, but because I love food.   I’m looking for someone who also falls in that 1% – and it’s a tough job.

I’m 44, live in xxxxx, I’ve never been married and I don’t have children.  I’m the youngest of three sisters – none of which have been married – and it’s about time to break the family curse.


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