Stop grasping for his coattails as he walks away…

I’m writing here when I’m feeling sentimental and at my most vulnerable.  Yes,  I still think about him a lot, but not always in this  sad saccharine “I want him back” way.  Other times, I think he can go fuck himself – and other times I just don’t care at all.

I came across his profile again.  Every time I see it, my heart jumps into my throat and a cold, clammy chill races down my arms.  I cannot believe he’s out there again – that he chose the unknown and online dating to me – to us – and the comfortable, warm, caring relationship we had together (or perhaps I just thought we had together).  I can hide his profile from coming up in searches, but I just can’t quite do that yet, although I’m sure he’s already done it to mine.  I scroll through the other men out there and I think “meh” and then see his and think “yes, but not for me”.

I want a relationship – someone I can love and support and they feel the same about me.  I want a partner to do things with, someone I can tell about my day, someone who thinks I’m neat-o and wants to spend time with me.  I want someone I can curl into at night and sleep soundly. If he doesn’t want that, then, really, I don’t want him. The search, however, for that “new” someone isn’t a journey I want to take again.

I know I’m grasping, and he’s gone, and he’s not coming back, and by grasping I’m making myself miserable – but I cannot seem to find a clear path out.  Writing about it helps, a little.


3 thoughts on “Stop grasping for his coattails as he walks away…

  1. Love is a biitch and it may take a while to stop looking at him, but when you finally get there, the next guy will be a far better catch. Just my view, we start at the bottom of the love chain and get a good one when we know how to get it right…Great post…Dawny 😉


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