Car Crash

I’ve come to learn that you like the gore of my life.  Like a car crash, you can’t help but look at my guts spilled across the page.

When I write a little piece on some dish I’ve cooked or something I saw, I hardly get a blip in my stats, but tell you about the gut-wrenching sorrow I’m mired in and your readership abounds.

Does reading this somehow make you feel better, like your life isn’t so f’ed up in comparison? Or is it simply curiosity, watching this disaster unfold in front of you?  Am I merely an exhibitionist, wanting you to look?


2 thoughts on “Car Crash

  1. I know I’ve been replying to many old posts but I found your blog today while searching for a Before Sunset quote. So.. in case you’re still wondering.. 🙂
    For me it’s being able to look at the core of someone, to see something real. People are always great for me, whether they are happy or they suffer, as long as they are real! Since I’ve read about your feelings I should admit I’m depressed too (and I’m only 19.. damn!), but it really isn’t about that that I keep reading your thoughts. I feel connected to anyone that opens up and I rarely find this outside in the world because everyone tries so hard to be protected. You meet people and you go out to have fun but you don’t get to know them, you don’t get a piece of them. I recently realized that I don’t remember much of my last few months and it’s because nothing really important happened.. I was out most of the time but the information I got didn’t matter enough for my brain to remember. So yes… reading this moves me in a way.. It makes me want life more.
    Sorry for the big text. I hope you didn’t mind that I answered! 🙂


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