Romance and Pastry

I’m in a good mood this morning. I had a date on Saturday and I think it went well. The drought between datable men lasted just about a year this time. Not that I’ve seen “rain” yet, but at least there’s a few clouds on the horizon. He wants to see me again. I’m trying (unsuccessfully) to be indifferent about the whole thing, but I’d blow off yoga to see him tonight, if he asked. (He hasn’t asked).

Enough of this daydreaming about men…it’s time to talk about scones!

My search has begun for the perfect scone recipe. Standard scone “base” recipes appear to fall into two categories – egg or no egg. The egg recipes differ on amount – from two eggs to just one unctuous yolk. The no-egg recipes call for milk, buttermilk, cream or yogurt, instead of the egg, to bind the butter/flour mixture. I believe traditionalists don’t use an egg, but I’m willing to do my own experimentations to decide what produces perfection.


Cranberry Orange Almond Scones

My first attempt was an eggless, yogurt scone – Fresh cranberries, orange zest and toasted almonds. The results had sufficient rise, felt lightweight, with a good outer crust. The interior was a little doughy and the scone was lacking in sweetness. In its defense, I actually ran out of white sugar for the recipe and substituted an admixture of white sugar, brown sugar and honey, which may have lead to the result. The chopped, fresh cranberries added the right amount of zing, more pleasing to my palate than if I used dried cranberries.

The grande dame of baking, Nancy Silverton, recommends freezing the butter before cutting into the flour, which I’m hoping may give the interior the texture I’m seeking. For my next attempt, I’m trying an egg version.


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