A Steady Foundation

I crave a life of stability. “Stability,” a friend said, “define it.” It took me the drive home to come up with the following:

The love of someone I trust completely.

A home.

Good health.

A bank account larger than the amount I owe.

A job I love working for people with integrity.


4 thoughts on “A Steady Foundation

  1. All these things are good, but some of them–take health and money for example– are not guarenteed. Is it possible to have stability even in the face of uncontrollable physical disasters?


    • These selections are MY personal needs for stability, not a list of abssolutes for others. The question becomes, “would you feel stable in your life if you were having difficulties in your health?” My honest answer to you would be “no”. For me to feel “in control” of my situation, I would need good health. Yes, I could survive, perhaps even excel in life, but I would feel a sense of instability.


    • No. Your use of the word “spirituality” is incorrect. I haven’t used that word. Within the context that I’ve used it, “stability” is a feeling, not a place of spirituality or emotion.

      Why do I have the suspicion I’m going to get a “GOD is all you need. HE can be your stability” comment from you any minute? Yikes! Please don’t.


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