Slamming Doors and Banging Windows

I’m done.  I quit.  My Sundays at the Steakhouse are over forever.  Surprisingly, it’s bittersweet.  There is a palpable sense of relief – this Sunday, I can sleep in, putter, practice yoga, garden, check things off the “to do” list.  Perhaps I can even join Sunday swing dancing again.  I feel released.  On the other hand, I have closed the door to my learning, to developing dessert ideas that sell, to feeling loved/wanted by Big D and the kitchen staff.  I had a (even though somewhat tenuous) sense of belonging there.  I thought it was going to be “good bye and good riddance” while, in truth, it was “good bye, but can I see you sometime”.  

However, as this one door has closed, it seems a window sash has been thrown open, if only a crack.  There’s an opportunity in Scotland to intern at a B&B.  I can only imagine how many culinary professionals and students will apply for the position, but I have to try.  I’m so frighteningly aware that I did not reach my goal of six months in the Steakhouse.  I admit to my failure – and it disturbs me that I faltered.  Ideally, I want to own a B&B; shouldn’t I find out first if I would LIKE it?  This was one of my next steps on the path – Learn about the B&B business. 

What better opportunity could there be than to learn by managing and cooking in a real B&B in Scotland?  I have to (at least) apply.  The deadline is April 9.


1 thought on “Slamming Doors and Banging Windows

  1. Goals are set to make you aim for something … they don’t have to be achieved: just set.
    I hope you applied for the job.

    note: I’ve had fun reading your entries. I haven’t been around for a while.


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