A Few Sundays

If I had a Valentine’s Day desire,  I guess you could say I got mine.  My raspberry cappuccino torte made it on the menu .  We were sold out going into our second of three seatings. We could have easily sold more than we did, but someone forgot to buy raspberries.  One of the other chefs asked me, “couldn’t we use blackberries instead?”  Hmmm…a raspberry torte covered in blackberries – that’s an interesting concept. 

I also gave my notice.  As every Sunday rolled around,  I was dreading going into work.  I had to push to get on the line and then, I only assisted in garde manger and plating.  I feel like a quitter, even if I shouldn’t.  My goal was six months – I stuck it out for four.  Next Sunday is my last day.  Pico de Chile didn’t seem to care.  I’m going to miss Big D.  He’s a good man and when I told him, I felt like I was breaking up with him – “It’s not you, it’s me!”  He understood completely. 

I offered to continue making dessert specials for them occasionally.  Ideally, that would be the perfect set up – to come in every few weeks, make a new dessert and go home at a reasonable hour.  They were open to it, but I can’t tell if they were just appeasing me. 

I want to work caterings next.  I need to get my name out there.  But first, I just want to enjoy a few Sundays of relaxation.


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