23 Days in the Steakhouse

Big D owns a steakhouse.  I worked for Big D eleven years ago, before he became a steakhouse guy.  Last Friday afternoon found me sitting in the restaurant discussing the steakhouse with him.  The reality of my culinary situation is that I need experience.  A true, proper restaurant kitchen is a mystery to me – and daunting.  Starting Sunday, I’ll be working in the steakhouse every Sunday 3 to 9 pm.  Big D is letting me cut my teeth with him.  He’s a good guy.

But, frankly, I’m not looking forward to this.  My day job is exceedingly stressful and weekends are my respite.  I loath giving up my peaceful Sundays for more work.   And, this is a new experience for me… rather than a challenge, being the newbie has always made me uncomfortable.  I don’t do well out of my element.  However, I’m taking a deep breath and stepping forward.  Thi is my “continued education” – the next step to becoming a fully formed chef.  I’ve given myself six months – the same amount of time I was in school (sort of) – and then I can quit.  Just as in school, I’m counting it off in “days” – it’s 23 days, to be exact.


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