Percolating on the Possibilities

“How dull our existence would be if it were a straight path from A to Z. Life is composed of preludes, finales and circuitous diversions. The only thing immutable is change. We are all still trying to figure it out. Do any of us arrive at a stage in our lifetime and think, “Complete. Done. Settled.” Sometimes I wish it were so.”

It seems I’ve been given a dose of my own medicine. I wrote the comment above in reference to E., who is currently at a juncture – going through a job change and pondering the indirect route his life has taken. With the current flux of my industry, the economy and my company, it seems that, within the last few days, I am at crossroads as well. My projects are on hold until 2010, if not indefinitely. My company has assured me they want to keep me and “redeploy” me into another area until my projects are once again possible. So, looking at all the possiblities in front of me and with a “lemons to lemonade” outlook, I asked about working part time so that I could attend culinary school (something I’ve always wanted to do but either lacked money or time). My boss’ response was, “If this will keep you here, I don’t see why not”.

I’ve found a culinary school just a few miles from my office. Classes start next month and run for six months. The schedule would allow me to go to school in the day and work at night. The problem is that enrollment is full. One student has not confirmed his attendance yet and I’m on the wait list for his spot. I’m excited about the possibility that I could attend, but I also see how much easier if would be if I couldn’t, thus not having to leave my comfort zone. I’m bouncing off the walls today. I’m not one to make drastic, impetuous life changes and it’s scary, but also exciting.


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