Last weekend, in our chilly cabin in the woods, he would not let go of me as he slept.  We haven’t been so entwined since our first few nights together.  And back then, it was me (and not he) so wrapped (or rapt?).  His arm behind my head, his leg thrown over my thighs, a hand entwined, warm breath on my neck, I felt safe and wanted.

I woke to a bad dream this morning – a dream that left me rattled.  I needed those arms, that leg, his hand, his kiss of breath to soothe me, but my bed was empty.  I settled on a walk through the neighborhood to clear my head.  It helped just a little.

This dream has not left me, yet I’m afraid to say, “I need you tonight”, afraid to have him see me needy.  So I will wait until tomorrow, our usual night together, and wrap myself around him tighter still.


4 thoughts on “Wrapped

  1. After a bad dream my Mother used to say, “Imagine a Popeye cartoon” as I went back to sleep. It usually worked … nothing really bad ever happened in Popeye cartoon … except for that eating spinach stuff.
    Nowadays bad dreams just make me feel better while I’m awake.


    • Would rather not talk about my mundane work life, but let’s just say it’s been a bit crazy of late. Contemplating halting this blog, considering starting again with the vigor of year’s past. For now, it’s on hold until June. Nice to know someone is looking for me.


  2. I’ll keep your blog in my peripheral vision area for a while.

    “You weren’t here for me!”

    “No I was over there for you, but are we splitting heres and theres about this?” hee hee!


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