Puttering and Waiting for Mr. Right

As a teenager, I decided that I wasn’t going to settle when it came to the man I was going to marry.  I wanted it all – and  “all” was a long list that grew longer as the years passed: attractive, creative, tall, intelligent, witty, a book reader, an appreciator of art, stylish, romantic, financially stable, liberal, mature, honest, a good lover, loyal, geographically desirable, thoughtful, loving, respectful…on and on and on.

 I always believed I would know Mr. Right when I found him.

Now, it’s many years later.  Without giving my birth date away, I can tell you that I’ve passed the age where it would be more likely for me to be killed in a plane crash than get married (yes, I know this statistic in inaccurate).  I’ve also past what the obstetricians call “advanced maternal age” – no rug rats for me (and frankly, that’s just fine) and still Mr. Right has not appeared. 

Don’t pity me – I’ve begun to think the ideal man of my dreams couldn’t exist.  Could such a fearsome beast be real?  Moreover, if so, would I really want to live with it?  So, I date Mr. Not-Quite-Rights.  The readers of this blog have heard about my exploits and some send comments reminding me of my teenage optimism – “you DO know the right person when you meet them.”  “Don’t settle. Wait for a great man. Wait for a great man to be a part of a great relationship.”

 I will never settle when it comes to the big commitment.  But if I never find him, should I be without companionship?  Isn’t it OK for me to just “putter” with the rest of them?


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