Artisanal Gelato of the Week: After Eight Mint Gelato

My most recent gelato creation nestled inside my last pottery-class attempt.

After Eight Mint Gelato

2 c.      whole milk

¾ c.      sugar

¼ t.      salt

2 c.      mint leaves, patted dry and lightly packed

4          large egg yolks

1 c.      heavy cream

¼ t.      vanilla extract

1 c.      chopped Andes mints (scant)

Heat milk, ½ c. sugar, and salt.  Add 1 ½ c. mint leaves and stir.  Let steep for 2 hours.  Strain mint, pressing to extract as much mint oil as possible.  Re-warm milk mixture.  Whisk yolks and remaining ¼ cup sugar.  Temper yolks with milk mixture and return to stovetop.  Make custard.  Emulsify custard with remaining ¼ c. mint leaves.  Pour custard through sieve into cream set over an ice bath.  Add vanilla and chill.  Make gelato in ice cream maker and process according to manufacturer’s directions.  Add Andes mints about 2 minutes before gelato is finished.