Then go!

Ross is on the right track – I just need to let this one go:

I emailed the guy again on Wednesday afternoon to see if Saturday would be an option (I know, I should be excommunicated from the feminine wiles hard-to-get club.  I’ve never been a good practicing member).

He wrote back and this is what he said:

Quote #1: “I’m going to plan [his emphasis] to actually compose some prose and send your way after I get home from the office late tonight.”

Quote #2:  “My weekends are usually free. So I say we aim for Saturday the 23rd.”

Based on quote #1, a woman could rightfully expect to find a message waiting in her inbox this morning, yes?   My inbox was full of crap – but nothing from him (obviously my inbox wasn’t the only thing full of crap).

Saturday the 23rd is not an option for me – I already have a commitment and, based on his less than enthusiastic initiative to see me, I have no impetus to change my plans.

So, watch me as I let this one go…

…(and incessantly check my inbox to see if he’s sent me an email – just being honest)