Sweet Corn with Maple and Bacon

Maple Bacon CornIt’s been nearly seven years since I considered the differences between Mr. With and Mr. At. Soon after my musings, Mr. At receded and then vanished while my conversation with Mr. With continued unbroken from January 2009 until just last month. I finally stepped away, releasing myself to play a starring role for someone else, rather than an extra in his life.

It has been just shy of a month since I said “enough” to Mr. With and yet, Mr. At’s emails have already materialized in my inbox. How could he know? Did he sense a relationship void in my psyche? Did my soul shriek out, inaudible to all but neighborhood dogs and those looking for a toehold of friendship? I’ve rebuffed his invitation. Swapping one complication with a greater complication is no solution.

While my life continues to melt and scorch, my kitchen remains a steadfast constant. Here’s a decidedly uncomplicated solution for what to serve alongside this year’s holiday ham;  I doubt Mr. At will be at the table.

Sweet Corn with Maple and Bacon
Serves 6-8

6 slices  Bacon, chopped
½ c. Onion, chopped
3 Tablespoons Unsalted Butter
4 c. Fresh or frozen yellow sweet corn
1 Tablespoon Real maple syrup
Salt and paper to taste

Cook bacon until crisp in a skillet over medium-high heat. Set bacon aside on a paper towel to drain. Remove all but 1 Tablespoon bacon grease from pan. Reduce heat to medium and sauté onions until caramelized. Set onions aside. Brown butter by adding it to pan and as it melts and starts to foam, slowly swirl butter until it reaches a caramel color. Increase heat to medium-high. Add corn and sauté until tender and beginning to caramelize, about 8 minutes. Add maple syrup to corn and return onions to pan. Sauté another 3-4 minutes until flavors combine and syrup thickens. Season with salt and pepper and sprinkle with bacon. Mmm…bacon.


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