1 thought on “Roasted Vegetable, Kale and White Bean Soup

  1. Soooo … I take it that this is a “Look-What-Yum-I-Have-To-Eat-and-You-Don’t…And-Neither-Can-You-Make-It-Because-I-Will-NOT-Give-You-the-Recipe” type of blog?

    (If we wish to make it an acronym for “ease” of saying, it would be a LWYIHTEAYDANCYMIBIWNGYTR type of blog.)

    *grins as I give you a hard time….though I hope you know I am joking!*

    It has gotten cold and rainy here where I am at….and a bowl of soup … scrumptious veggie soup at that, looks soooooo mmmmmmm.


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