Hot Chocolate for Summer

Mayan Hot Chocolate Gelato

Mayan Hot Chocolate Gelato

3  dried Ancho chiles (roasted)

Whole milk

Pinch salt

2  tablets of Ibarra Mexican Chocolate (chopped)

2 T. unsweetened cocoa powder

Egg yolks

½ t. ground cinnamon

¼ t. ground cayenne pepper (scant)

heavy cream

vanilla extract

Warm milk.  Remove from heat and add chilies.  Cover and let steep for 45 minutes. Remove chilies. Stem and seed and set aside.  Wisk cocoa powder with ½ of the sugar and add to milk. Warm milk.  Add chopped Ibarra chocolate and salt.  Stir until chocolate is completely melted.

Whisk yolks with remaining sugar and temper with chocolate milk.  Make custard base.  Pour cream in bowl set over ice bath. Emulsify custard with ancho chiles and pour through sieve into cream.  Add vanilla and cool.  Cover with plastic wrap, refrigerate at least 8 hours.  Pour through sieve again.  Pour mixture into ice cream maker and process according to maker’s directions.  Cover and chill.


1 thought on “Hot Chocolate for Summer

  1. I just want to say … that was a very mean thing to do .. to show that ABSOLUTELY scrumptious mmmmm yum yum …. when a potential chocoholic (me) might wander upon this. *smiles*


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