From Sad to Mad – Progress?

I’m finally starting to get mad at him.  Not because he doesn’t have feelings, (“you feel what you feel,” as I told him.) but for the way I’ve been treated.  One doesn’t date exclusively and consistently (3 days a week for 15 months) and breakup with a pre-lunch phone call.  (Pre-lunch, really, I can’t eat for three weeks and he calls, dumps me, and then orders lunch?!) One doesn’t introduce their girlfriend to their family,  spend Christmas with her family, Easter with his family, introduce her to all of his friends and his kids, go on vacation together, make plans together  and then refuse to answer her “what happened” emails.  One doesn’t close a chapter that easily after all that we’ve said and done together.

By his own admission, I’ve been nothing but kind to him.  And yet,  he treated me like I’m disposable, like I meant absolutely nothing, I’m trash to him, worthless, like a dirty McDonald’s wrapper discarded in the gutter.



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