Look Now

“Things sparkle, fizz, bubble, flash, subside, ignite, combust, sputter, fizzle, burst,…It just depends when you are looking I guess.” – planetross

I felt guilty after writing my last post; felt like I wasn’t thankful for the good stuff. Actually, what I was thinking was, “How would this make him feel if he read it?  Is this a good portrayal of my overarching feelings about our relationship?”  The answer is “No”.  Overall, I’m happy with us – very happy.  We just had a slow night – or maybe even a slow week.  Ross is right – it just depends on when you’re looking.

There’s a certain moment, usually very late at night – or during our early morning snuggling, when I look at his face and his eyes look so clear, blue and guileless; when the lines on his face seem to soften and his freckles multiply – and I am consumed with love for this man.

This is what I would want him to read.


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