She’s HOT!

The new guy has a hot ex.  How do I know?  We have a mutual friend; he called me; he told me.  The conversation went something like this:

MF:     He split with his wife about a year ago.

Me:     Yeah, I know.  We’ve been hanging out.

MF:     Wow, I should start hanging out with her.  She’s HOT!

Me:     Oh god, don’t tell me that!

MF:     Why, you don’t want to know that she’s hot?  What does it matter if she’s hot?    Because she’s really HOT.

Me:     (desperately) Hotter than me???

MF:     (long pause)……………ummmm……nooooooo. Not hotter than you (liar!)…but I       can’t really judge because you and I can’t ever have sex. But she’s hot!

Me:     I don’t want to know that!

After that, I don’t remember much.  I think he used the word “hot” about ten more times.  I also believe the word “MILF” was bandied about.

I’m feeling inadequate.


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