Statistics: .0007%

I am a woman looking for a man between the ages of 38 and 50.  Search.

Based on my search criteria, I have two thousand, eight hundred and thirty seven potential matches.  Out of those, I’ve found two who I’m attracted to.  That’s a .ooo7% success ratio.  Yep, that sounds about right.  In fact, there’s only one that I’m really interested in, but there was one other potential match who kinda looked like Bono in one of his photos, appears intelligent and who’s trying to make it as a writer.  I kept him in.

The problem is that they are both “city” guys.  I live about an hour from a large metropolitan city.  I am considered “of the suburbs”.  Those in the city don’t play with those of us from the burbs.  Most city profiles say something along the lines of “looking for a match within 7 miles of zip code”.  Heaven forbid anyone driving in the car for anything over 10 minutes – especially for a woman.  It doesn’t matter how cute and witty we are in our suburban domain, those of the city will not venture over bridge or tunnel for a date.  We have no problem coming to them, but, if we are located outside the city center, good luck!

It’s only day two and I’m discouraged.


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