The Experiment

Last weekend, on two separate occasions, friends were chiding me about my “exacting” taste in potentially datable men.  The conversations went something like this:

Early in the Day:

Them:              I don’t think “geographically desirable” needs to be a requirement

Me:                  I’ve dated long distance.  Have you ever dated long distance?  It never works.

Them:              Yeah, it didn’t work out, but that doesn’t mean you can’t drive an hour to date  someone.

Me:                  I’m not saying “an hour”.  I’m talking about someone who lives in Iowa.   Someone you need to get on a plane to see.  Unless they live somewhere like Paris.  I’d date someone who lived in Paris.

Them:              I think you’re being ridiculous.

And later that evening:

Her:     What about him? He’s cute (pointing to the band’s drummer)

Me:      He’s kinda a big guy – like a teddy bear

Her:     He’s not FAT. He just has muscles.

Me:      Maybe, but you know I like the skinny guys.

Her:     Whatever (READ: “just die an old, bitter and sexually unsatisfied spinster – see if I care”)

Dear readers, in my defense, I’m really not THAT picky, but after a few years of dating, I know what I like and I’m fairly set in my ways. Sooo…

I’ve decided once again to try the online dating scene – with a twist. I’m going to let my best friend choose who I contact.  Every week, she can choose between 4 and 6 potential matches who I am REQUIRED to email – even if they’re big teddy bears living in Iowa.  If we begin an email exchange and they want to meet, I am REQUIRED to go out at least once with them – in some well lit, public place (Creepiness Clause:  If their emails are “creepy” – I’m allowed to bow out).

Our first draft picks will be this Sunday, so I think I need to find some recent photos.


1 thought on “The Experiment

  1. Since your friends think they know what is best for you then have them pick up the cost that you might have in getting ready for this great adventure!


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