Plane ticket to Scotland?

From:       Phoren
Date:       July 6,2010
Subject:   Scholarship Program


I am contacting your regarding the scholarship program for 2010.  According to your website, the recipients were supposed to be contacted by early June with all applicants contacted by mid-June.  I submitted an application and application fee, yet I haven’t ever been contacted.  It’s left me wondering if my application was received.  Could you please tell me if my application was received and if the recipients of the scholarship have been chosen?

Thank you in advance for your assistance. 


I haven’t heard on the scholarship yet.  And, in fact,  I haven’t received a response to this email either.  I just checked their website again today, and it now states:

“The 2010 Scholarship and Internship Program is now CLOSED! Awards recipients will be notified July 2010.” [emphasis added]

So, am I in or am I out?  We are supposed to take the scholarships no later than September 2010 – and they haven’t even notified the winners yet?


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